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Somya Speaks: The Power of Motivation

Written By: Somya Earle

Motivation is a big aspect of life, having it can do great changes to your life, and maintaining it will put you in greater places. I can’t express just how important it is to have the motivation and maintain it throughout your life for essential growth, whether it's for big or small things. In our everyday lives, we need the motivation to be able to get the things we want to be done, done. So how much power does motivation truly holds and how important of an aspect is it in our lives? There are many ways of stating and concluding this point.

Motivation can come in many different forms caused by many different things. First, going based on the importance of motivation and the power it holds over your life and future. Motivation is what gives you the desire to conquer and reach your goals and objectives in life. And once we reach those desired goals, it leads us to the path of success that we always dream of. But what motivation comes from is the first step to success and we as individuals must know this and obtain it.

Your surroundings are a big aspect of your motivation. When talking about surroundings, this is meaning your environment and the people and things in your environment. When it comes to your surroundings, it is based to be in an environment that best represents you and reflects you as a person. Whether it is in a quiet, organized room with little to no people or if it is a colorful, creative room with several people within it, in the end, it is all based on you. Human behaviors are all different, therefore our motivation comes in different ways so knowing yourself as a person can help achieve great motivation if you are willing to truly seek it.

Once you seek that motivation, you’ll find that you are able to do so many things you probably didn’t believe you could do before. You’ll find that accomplishing and getting things done is easier and you’ll find yourself much closer to your goal than you aspected. Obtaining motivation is something we should all try to get throughout our lives more and more. Sometimes we have big goals but the steps to achieving those big goals require a lot from us mentally and physically. We have to obtain the endurance to be able to achieve and work towards our goals and once we do, we start to see great progress within ourselves.

Do you ever have a random sense of motivation in the middle of the night? And just from that ounce of motivation, you get many things done that you’ve been holding back for weeks. Imagine if you had consistent motivation, you’ll be closer to your goals in less time than you think because motivation is just such a powerful human aspect that we can easily attain if we are truly dedicated to our goals if life. So start little and work to bigger things because either way you're showing growth and the only true way to move is forward to reach the pathways of success.

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