Vision Gymnastics and Dance was founded by Jane Johnson.  A former celebrity manicurist and make-up artist from Long Island NY.  Johnson grew up as a competitive gymnast and her family could not afford the fees associated with competition.  Johnson started tumbling at the age of 2 and has a true passion for the sport. 


In Junior High, she was brought on to assist the coach with training the high school team on the floor.  Johnson was no stranger to her unique style of coaching and team development.  Johnson was known for her creative choreography and unique tumbling passes. 


Later on in Johnson's career she began her dance training at Author Murray in NYC.  Johnson trained and was then selected from hundreds of candidates as one of there instructors.  Johnson started teaching at the Huntington Station location,  were she started a hip-hop and jazz class for young students. These students wanted other selections in addition to their ballroom classes.  The rest is history and Johnson has been going strong ever since.


Johnson saw a need to develop young inspiring gymnasts and dancers.  She decided to make a program that was affordable to all.  You shouldn't have to mortgage your home to receive good training.  I believe that proper education and instruction is the key.  All educators must keep abreast of new and cutting-edge training.  We incorporate all the training and development that we acquire and provide affordable, yet quality training to each student.

Our training style incorporates The Horton Technique, to build strength and endurance.  Our company offers annual trips to NY to attend Alvin Ailey master classes. 


Our focus is on proper technique.  We have incorporated our fast track program. 


Show Johnson a dancer or gymnast with the passion to learn and she will bring out the talent within. 


Vision gymnastics and dance has a broad selection of classes.  In each class, you are taught how to perform.  A talent Johnson believes is an important addition needed for all performers, dancers, and gymnasts.  This is the niche that sets Vision apart from the competition.  


If you are looking for a high-quality facility with performance and competition opportunities, look no further.  Not a performer or competitor, Vision has a top quality recreation class.


All students are taught at the highest standards, recreation, competitive and pre-professional. 


Call today and let the professional staff at Vision Gymnastics and Dance assist your young dancer/gymnast reach their full potential.

Frequently asked questions

Where are we located?

1051 Albright Rd. Rock Hill, Sc 29730

What is the best way to contact the owner?

Through email. Address: Visionsgottalent@inbox.com

Why are shoes not allowed in Vision?

Because our dancers and gymnasts , perform dance and gymnastics with thier hands on the floor. Our shoes have traveled in nursing homes, dirty public restrooms, and many other places that carry deadly bacteria. The majority of our young gymnasts and dancers bite their nails in which can cause them sickness, infections, and many other illnesses. Therefore under no circumstances are shoes fo any kind allowed on any portion of the black floor.

What should I wear to ballet class?

For Monday night ballet, the dancer or gymnast must wear a black leotard, pink ballet tights, and pink ballet shoes. View our store to purchase a Vision Gymnastics and Dance apparel.

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