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Vision offers the opportunity to perform three times per year.  Our first selection will be a performance of choice, selected by students and teachers.  This performance is usually held in April-May.  All students are invited to come on stage.  All dancers and gymnasts.  With state of the art choreography and a nice selection of tumbling and turning.  Our performances are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. 


Our second performance is our traditional winter performance.  A nice Christmas selection or winter theme is chosen.  It is an awesome time and all the students come together in creating an awesome holiday production.  It is truly a winter wonderland.  All students are able to perform, even if you are in our after-school program.  It's a time of joy and friendship.  Let your child learn the value of friends and giving.  Working together to create props and gifts for everyone.  




Vision Elite Royalty
Mikayla Johnson and Somya Earle

Professional and Pre-Professional company is for the serious dancer who is interested in a career as a dancer.   Join these dancers while they travel throughout the United States pursuing their passion for dance.

Led by Artistic Director Jane Johnson.

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