What should be in a dancers dance bag?

It is that time of the year and our dancers are back full swing at dance. What all dancers should have in their dance bag for class and to be performance ready. Our dancers do many performances all across the United states. Lets get prepared for this 2018-2019 year dance moms.

1. All style dance shoes (there is nothing more frustrating trying to teach a class and a student does not have their shoes for class)

2. An extra pair of tights, a leo and warm-ups.

3. Deodorant

4. Towel- for sweating

5. Feminine wipes

6. Toothbrush and toothpaste

7. Hair brush and ponytail holders

8. Their hair bun (doughnut)

9. Pins-bobby and safety

10. A razor

11. A bottle of water

12. A light snack (granola bar)

13. A maxi-pad for those that need

14. Extra pair of lashes-for performance team

15. Band-aids (all sizes) and peroxide

16. Make-up ( you never know when an opportunity may arise) Keep those lips poppin

17. Notebook and pen- learning is essential

18. Resume and photo- You never know when an opportunity may happen

19. A plastic bag for clothes that are wet and sweaty

20. An umbrella for those un-expected rainy days

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